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NOCC's Survivor Relief Fund



Times have changed, ovarian cancer has not. Women and their families need us now more than ever.

We learned from our community that there are two areas where we can provide support assistance and relieve added stress to those impacted by ovarian cancer.

From providing a meal delivery service to licensed counseling sessions in the comfort of their own home.

Together, we can make a difference!


Together, we have made considerable strides to ensure women & their families are not alone during their ovarian cancer journey. Your investment will provide health & wellness resources to those impacted by ovarian cancer. 


A healthy mind is important especially during these times. To help, NOCC is offering licensed counseling services to ovarian cancer Survivors & their Caregivers.


No woman should have to worry about making sure they have a warm meal on the table when dealing with ovarian cancer. Teal Comfort for the Soul, will ensure quality prepared food is delivered to our community with compromised immune systems.


We are thrilled to announce that our dear friends at AstraZeneca US committed to the NOCC Survivor Relief Fund as our Founding Partner!! We appreciate your partnership in supporting women & caregivers when they need it the most! THANK YOU.


Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day! You can help by sharing these signs and symptoms with the ones you love.


We are here for you!

We have been diligent in looking for ways to adjust to our new climate by virtualizing our quality of life programming and introducing new support services that will offer comfort to those fighting ovarian cancer that need it most. Please know that we are here for you. We will continue to do all we can to ensure women and their families are not alone in this fight!


raised of $220,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Incyte Corporation C/o CyberGrant
Matching gift for Yingda Ye
2. Standard Farms
Standard Farms' donation is in honor of Maura Reilly. Maura is our Cultivation Manager and an ovarian cancer survivor!!
3. Lisa White And Dan Butler
In memory of April Schubert who fought as hard as possible, and in honor of her mother Janice Rutherford who stayed by her side fighting every step of the way. May our donation help find a cure--and until that day, help those who are fighting.
4. Robert Koperwas
5. Anonymous
Im memory of Ruth Kolker
6. Richard Beigler
In memory of Kristine Keeton