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What is ROCK the Day™?

ROCK the Day is the signature DIY fundraising program for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Passionate ovarian cancer advocates come together and put their creativity and passion to work to Raise Ovarian Cancer Knowledge on the day that is most meaningful for them. By creating a movement of their own they help raise awareness of ovarian cancer, as well as raise funds for vital resources, programming and research.

What inspired ROCK the Day? 

ROCK the Day was coined by a dear Survivor that we lost earlier this year, Jean Maday. Jean, like so many others impacted by ovarian cancer, spoke openly and passionately about educating the public and served as our muse in bringing this important initiative to life.

Jean envisioned a single day that we would come together as a community and make a deep and resounding footprint that would be heard near and far. For her, it was simply unacceptable that more women are not aware of the signs and symptoms and that there is still not a reliable screening or early detection test that exists for ovarian cancer.


*Jean Maday - September 2019